Judith Hoffman

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Stolen Shadows

Stolen Shadows, ©2018, 4.125 x 2.875 inches. The drawings were done with a Micron pen. Coptic binding. Eco dyed watercolor paper, one-ply museum board and linen binding thread. I used some local leaves and rusty bits. My goal is not to get perfect leaf prints, but to have some shadows and clouds on the paper. Sometimes the veins look anatomical. In this case the paper reminds me of bones you might find on the forest floor. There is a pdf download to make a mini-book with some of these drawings.

"we thought we knew him, but we didn't know him well."

'as he turns away, I say "wait, I know you."'

"as his hand opened, it became a book"

"her songs had no beginnings or endings" All the pages are cockled because of the eco dye process, so the book springs open. I really like this.

"now he is covered in little lights"

"she was a sea creature, dreaming something secret and dark"

"they live in an all white house I visit in my dreams" It's one of those familiar houses I return to again and again in my dreams.

"here we have the woman who is a tree" I dreamed we planted her by the front porch but she wasn't happy there, so we had to move her.

"his shadow falls across the ground and into the sky" In my dream the horizon was near, but far, and the shadow rose up the sky, as if it was a wall.

"she hoarded stolen shadows"

"he was soothed by wilderness"