Judith Hoffman

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Instructions to make Dreaming Made Easy and Bear With Me

This is a simple book made from one sheet of paper. Read all directions before beginning. Be sure to check the additional instructions on the Bear With Me page if you are making that book.

1. Print the book. For page scaling in Adobe Reader, chose "fit to printable area" Depending on your printer, it may be possible to get a slightly larger book if you chose "none." It works on my Canon printer.

2. Trim away the margins.

3. Fold along the dotted lines shown in the illustration.

4. Cut along the black line, using the fold as a guide.

5. Fold the paper the long way, with the cut up. Find the cover of the book. Looking down from the top, the book will make a cross shape. Fold so the cover is in front. Some folds may need to be reversed. After folding but before creasing, line up the book along the sides so it's fairly neat. Then go over all the folds in the stack with a bone folder or a table knife.

6. Tip: You may find it works better to fold the front and interior pages first, then bring the back cover over the text block. This way any inevitable irregularities are in the back.